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Previously Noodle Oodle

106 Queensway, London

England, United Kingdom

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"To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven."

Ancient Chinese Proverb


Our Story Begins in Gansu, Northwest China

The origins of Duck & Noodle stem as far back to London’s famous Oxford Street; 2006 when the success of ‘Noodle Oodle’ led to an expansion in Queensway and the menu being adapted to create London’s first restaurant to serve hand stretched noodles and Chinese Halal food.  

Yet, while our menu is customised to suit the Muslim community.  Both the roast duck and hand- stretched noodles are premium products in their own right.   Not to mention the wide- range of other delicious items on our menu.  We considered reducing it but thought it was just too good.


To begin with our world-famous duck sourced from Silver Hill Farm in Ireland has it’s very own story being a significant one of a kind, each duck has traceability back to where it was hatched. Sold worldwide in many Chinese restaurants, it is known as the ‘best duck in the world’.  Lucky for us they also do a Halal version. Perfectly roasted in our traditional Chinese Bullet Oven which further adds authenticity to a beloved staple of Chinese cuisine.


As for the oodles and oodles of marvellous hand stretched noodles; another key favourite of any Chinese kitchen and brought to you using original methods thought to date back to as far as the Han dynasty.  Considered the Golden age in Chinese history.  We too pride ourselves on bringing you the best of the best carefully blended ingredients to ensure your perfect eating experience.


We may have updated our look and our name,

but with a menu too good to change,

the food remains the same.


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Duck & Noodle

106 Queensway

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*All reservations will incur a non-refundable £5 deposit/head, which will be taken off your bill on arrival. An Invoice request for this will be sent out within 24hrs of your booking. This should be paid promptly to prevent any delays in confirming your table at Duck & Noodle.

*Only once you have received a message or email stating your reservation has now been confirmed will it show up on our system at the restaurant. 

*Finally, birthday guests [+/- 7] days will receive a free £5 birthday code from us for use online (pickup/delivery) as a treat from all the staff at Duck & Noodle for celebrating with us. 


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Duck & Noodle

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